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Das Riemann Thomann Kreuz als Gruppenkompass

Das Riemann-Thomann-Kreuz als Gruppenkompass

The Riemann-Thomann Cross as Group Compass!

Paperback: 28 Pages
Publisher: Grin Verlag, 1st Edition (Aug. 2009)
Language: German
ISBN-10: 364040548X
ISBN-13: 978-3640405480

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The book starts with a general part, placing the topic within the context of H. Lindemann (Systemisch beobachten – lösungsorientiert handeln, Münster, 2008). Lindemann sees the basic aspirations of the group compass as part of the factors influencing groups and their interactions.

Afterwards, the paper identifies several problem issues which not only form the basis for understanding the Riemann-Thomann Cross but also provide the basis for a critical discussion.

The pivotal question that can be formulated concerning the function of the group compass is:

How can group work within existing or changing groups be designed in an efficient way?

Furthermore, the paper explains and illustrates the basic principles and assumptions of the Riemann-Thomann Cross. It also takes a closer look at the contrary basic aspirations continuity vs. change and closeness vs. distance. It visualizes the correlation of the principles and values underlying the basic aspirations. This is complemented by the four ideal types of group fields: troop, community, crowd and team.

Following the profiling of the four group fields, the paper examines how they develop within a practical context. After identifying the individual principles and fantasies of the members of a given group, the paper visualizes them as points in the coordinate system. Their lowest common denominator finally results in the group field of the specific group.

With the help of a case study carried out on the example of the Deutsche Telekom, the paper sets out to prove the theory and transfer it into a practical context, considering in particular the changing group / company profile of qualifications and requirements (from IT administrator to service provider) and a possible shift of the group field. The indicated reactions of the group as well as […]

Coaching Efficiency enhancement and motivation

Coaching – Efficiency enhancement and motivation: Effects of coaching on sales staff

Coaching – An innovative measure?

Paperback: 28 Pages
Publisher: Grin Verlag, 1st Edition (Aug. 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 3640405471
ISBN-13: 978-3640405473

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Especially in times of financial crisis and a high degree of uncertainty, customers demand mutual trust and sales professionals. They expect to receive individualized solutions to their problems and not as 30 years ago a nice smile and a warm welcome. As this relies on all service industries, this paper focuses on the financial sector, in order to narrow the mass down and to create a comparable basis.

The 200+ identified competencies, in over 30 categories, that are required for an efficient selling, explain the complexity of the selling process. Therefore, the need of implementing a human resource development program is quite obvious. This paper examines the efficiency and motivation by referring both to the theory and the practice, represented by Atradius AG and Commerzbank AG.

Atradius is the second largest credit insurance company in the world, therefore mostly a global player. Commerzbank is the leading German universal bank with the focus on small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and private customers. Both are eminent organizations of the financial sector and highly dependent on the quality and profitability of […]

The Battle for theWorldwide Natural Resources

The Battle for the Worldwide Natural Resources – International Strategies and their Impacts: Analyzing the Conflict for Arctic Resources

Who owns the Arctic?

Paperback: 76 Pages
Publisher: Grin Verlag, 1st Edition (Feb. 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 3656112681
ISBN-13: 978-3656112686

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This paper contemplates the discussion about the present conflict for the Arctic region, including the applicants’ claims for the Arctic’s natural resources.

The major focus of this work is analyzing the ‘battle for natural resources’, as well as the impact for the involved economies. During the investigation it was determined that experts of different scientific institutions do not come to the consensus about the available amount of raw materials, especially oil and gas. Due to the scarcity of depletable resources, their importance increases and with it the run for the Arctic and its treasures.

Although the amount of these resources in relation to the known sources is assumed to be low, every new discovered deposit is of great importance for the potential owner and for the world economy. As the Arctic is located in the high seas, there is currently no existing legislation for the case of claiming the present resources except the admiralty law.

Generally, this is a unique case in world history. Among the applicants for the different regions of the Arctic there are several conflicts about the exact borderlines. This paper outlines the conflict […]


Customer Knowledge Management: Leveraging Soft Skills to Improve Customer Focus

Management for Professinals

Paperback: 207 Pages
Publisher: Springer; Auflage: 2014 (30. Juni 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 3319050583
ISBN-13: 978-3319050584

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Customer focus is the most important challenge of the future. Providing good customer service depends on how well companies know their customers and clearly identify their needs.

Availability of customer knowledge, which is knowledge from, for and about the customer, thus becomes crucial in offering customized products or services. This can be gained most efficiently from direct interaction with customers, but requires the use of interpersonal and organizational soft skills.

This book presents the interrelationship between customer knowledge management, customer focus and soft skills and also provides concrete advice on how the management of customer knowledge can be optimized.


Posted on Feb - 8 - 2011