The Book – Customer Knowledge Management

Buch Customer Knowledge Management
Publication Date: 2011
Publisher: Springer; 1st Ed.
Language: English
Pages: 143
ISBN-10: 9783642164743
ISBN-13: 978-3642164743
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„Customer Knowledge Management“
by Silvio Wilde

What can you expect to find in this book?

  • A managers’ guide to the theory and practice of customer knowledge management and to knowledge management in general
  • A case study based on data obtained from a specific company
  • An investigation concerning the “availability of and dependence on general / customer knowledge in the administrative and operational area of a company”
  • Useful tips, final recommendations and a detailed failure analysis
  • An outline of the practical managerial implications

Loyal, satisfied customers are the basis of a company’s success.

Keeping this in mind, companies need to focus on knowledge across company borders, i.e. on knowledge from, for and about customers. Other important factors of success are the interaction, communication and knowledge transfer between companies and their customers.

The successful integration of customer knowledge is crucial for companies if they want to sustain their competitive edge. But how does this work in practice?

First and foremost, companies must establish a strong and trustful relationship with their customers. In a second step, the knowledge about customers needs to be integrated into routine business processes, enabling the company’s employees to act in a customer-oriented way and offer customized products and services.

Posted on Mai - 11 - 2011