Customer Knowledge Management (CKM)

Anything and everything can be managed in life.

Have you ever asked yourself how knowledge can be managed?
And what knowledge management can do for you and your company?

Over the last few years, knowledge management has become a buzzword.

But what exactly does it mean?

Basically, knowledge management looks into the possibilities of taking an active influence on the knowledge resources available within a company. Apart from the more traditional production factors like work, capital and land, the fourth factor ‚knowledge‘ is becoming increasingly important.

In order to ensure your company’s long-term economic stability and success, a knowledge-oriented approach is needed – and this includes knowledge from, for and about the customer.

These days, our society is in a state of constant flux, evolving from an industrial towards a knowledge-based society. If managers want to take the right decisions, not only for the benefit of their company but also for their customers and suppliers, they need relevant information – fast, target-group oriented and comprehensible.

The successful provision of information will be a future benchmark for companies.
For the time being, however, companies are still grappling with the problem.

Posted on Feb - 8 - 2011